4 Things About Pallets That you Should Know

Pallets are very important materials in various workplaces. They are used to store, display and ship items. It is important to protect the integrity of the products. So, you need the best quality pallets. You should understand first why the pallet is required. The pallets should be chosen according to the requirements of your products and the specifications of shipping. Here are some things you should know about pallets.


The size of the pallet

Pallets are made from different materials. It is made of various kinds of wood like softwood, hardwood and plywood. Every material has its own advantages and it depends on the kind of job it is used for. There are three standard sizes of pallets from which you need to choose.


Whether they can be used for export

Pallets can be used for expert but international regulations need to be maintained. They must be treated to avoid any unwanted pests. The wood must be heat treated as well to export it to some countries.


Pallet’s reliability

Shipping pallets from one place to another can cause wear and tear. If anything happens to the pallet, the products inside will be at risk. Damaged pallets can also lead to injuries. You should choose pallets that are reliable and made of high-quality components.



Amount of load they can take

Pallets that go to the same location are usually stacked on top of one another. You must know the limits, though. You can have a maximum weight of 900 kg and the maximum height should be 1.5 m.

You should know these things about pallets. It will help you in choosing the right packaging solution for your products.