5 Things to Know About the Environmental Impact of Pallets

Pallets are important for the logistics industry. Many people say that pallet is a bad option as it ends up in landfills and causes damage to the environment. Some people say pallets also cause deforestation as trees need to be cut to make the pallets. You should use the type of pallet that has the least impact on the environment. Here are five things you should know.

Plastic pallets are not green

Plastic pallets last for a long time and they are lighter. So, it reduces fuel consumption. However, it is not environment-friendly to manufacture plastic.

Difference between pooled wooden pallets and non-pooled ones

The construction of these pallets is different. Pooled wooden pallet has a better lifespan. However, the weight is more and so the transport cost is higher. It has a greater carbon footprint. Non-pooled wooden pallets are lighter. So, has less environmental impact.

Wooden pallets do not cause deforestation

Trees are usually not cut to make pallets. Wood that is used to make pallets is a by-product of timber that is used to make home or furniture.

Wooden pallets are recycled

Timber from the damaged pallets can be used to make various reconditioned pallets and other materials. In the U.S., 70% of the wood pallets are recycled. Only 5% of these end up in landfills.

Wooden pallets can be used fuel

Wood packaging waste can be turned into wood chip fuel. It is a very cheap form of energy. It is also a renewable and sustainable form of energy.


So, pallets made of wood are environmentally-friendly. You still need to check how it is made to ensure that the industry standard is maintained.