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Choosing The Right Box For Shipping Furniture

It can be a major hassle shipping furniture across the country, whether you are sending an antique, wooden chair, or a restored metal lamp. The time and effort it takes to collect, list, sell, package, and ship furniture adds up when you are off-loading multiple pieces. It’s absolutely important that you take the small amount of time when shipping your furniture to package and box it correctly, to prevent any sort of damage throughout the shipping process. The last thing you want to happen after a $500 chair has been shipped across the country is for it to be broken or compromised in some way when it is received. This can cause a major headache, something that no parties want to deal with.

Virginia Wayside Furniture

Choosing the correct box and packaging supplies can be a confusing process, but luckily we’ve broken it down in simple instructions here:

1. The Box

Deciding on the proper size box is the first step towards shipping and selling your own furniture. If you use a box that is too large for the item that you’re shipping, it will need more insulation and packaging material in order to not move around and shuffle during the mailing trip, which can be a major cause of potential damage to the product. In many cases, furniture sellers will re-use old boxes that they’ve received either from purchasing the furniture originally or through other means. You can stop by many local businesses to ask about picking up boxes that they don’t need, many are more than likely throwing out old boxes and will be more than happy to be relieved of some.

Once you’ve chosen the right size box, be sure you properly wrap and secure your furniture within the package to ensure that it does not move during shipment. You can use any soft material for this, ranging from spare towels you may have lying around to purchased bubble-wrap from the store, any material, as long as it fills the gaps and spaces within the box, will work perfectly. Some furniture sellers will bulk purchase a large container of shipping peanuts or paper to package all of their products in.

2. The Carrier

Another important aspect to consider when selling furniture is the carrier you decide to use for the shipping process. Everyone has different stories and experiences about both positive and negative shipping experiences, so this is in most cases up to you. Some shipping carriers may be a little more efficient in your area, so you may want to go with them. There are also local options that you can utilize in your city as well, depending on the costs and reliability. Choosing the most efficient shipping carrier can be the best option for you, or, if you are shipping a larger or higher priced item, you may decide to go with a mail carrier that is more reliable, albeit a little more expensive.

There are many different options and methods to choose from when shipping furniture, and we talked to the experts over at Virginia Wayside Furniture ( to see how they preferred to ship items. They agreed with the major points in this article, mainly that choosing the correct box size and packaging materials are vital.