Our services are designed to meet the requirements of a number of industries. We use the best packaging material to develop our packaging solutions. We offer the following services.


Normal packaging

We provide wood pallets and other packaging solutions for products to be stored or transported to a different location. These packages are not treated. It can be used for various products.



Heat treatment

We provide heat treatment and chemical treatment to get rid of pests. We ensure that all the export packaging regulations are met. Heating is done in a concealed environment. This prevents any pests or insects to go from one place to another. This heating process also makes the product weather resistant. Our chemical treated pallets ensure that there is no fungal growth.



Anti-rust packaging

This type of packaging reduces the chance of corrosion. It protects the metal products. This type of packaging is best for products that will be kept in a storage for the long term. Sea air or industrial smog when mixed with humidity create chemical reaction the outcome of which is rust.

We guide you in choosing the right packaging solution for your products. We understand what kind of care your products need when it comes to packaging. Your products will be carried or stored safely with our sophisticated and industry standard packaging solutions.